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Muzaffarpur Now is venture of Muzaffarpur Now Brandcom (OPC) Private Limited. Muzaffarpur Now, as the name suggests, symbolizes the ever changing and growing culture of Muzaffarpur. For a city which is the Major Town to the North Bihar, there is hardly any portal which offers premium coverage of the latest city events, news and beyond. Rather than waiting forever for someone to step forward, we decided to put the onus on ourselves and thus Muzaffarpur Now was born.

Muzaffarpur Now Now aims to represent the city of Muzaffarpur  in various fields, celebrating the youth culture of the city, offering the most updated feed of news available online, extending its reach by doing various offline and online events as well as stepping forward for social causes.

The launch of the website is just the start of our journey and we plan and hope that it’ll enable us to reach out directly to the youth of the city and together create the most sophisticated and professional media outlet to have come out of the city.

Muzaffarpur Now is our humble attempt to offer the citizens of Muzaffarpur, Bihar and the entire North Bihar a platform through which they can share their thoughts as well as offer them a portal on which they’ll find the latest and most relevant pool of information without needing to look in several directions.

We look forward to serving you for years to come, our dear readers 🙂